Keystone Colorado is a resort community, located in the Rocky Mountains, with its namesake being the crowning jewel of the area. Every year, thousands of people visit Keystone from season to season to enjoy its natural beauty, wonderful weather, and its many recreational opportunities. With a population of less than 1,200 full time residents, this might not seem to be a centrally located area, but it is, surrounded by three other resorts known for their hospitality and recreation: the Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, and the Arapaho Basin.

Keystone Colorado Real Estate

Keystone Colorado real estate is quite diverse, with a mix of condo communities, and large single family estate homes. Prices range greatly, starting in the mid to high $60s and graduating up to the millions for private ski lodge residences. Many homes here are listed in the low to mid $300s to the low to mid $400s.

Recreational Activities

Because of its location, no matter the season, there’s always plenty to see and do. Alpine skiing and snowboarding top the list, but other activities include snowmobiling and tubing. For those who like a more laid back experience, there’s ice skating, and horse-drawn sleigh ride.

During the summer months, both residents and guests enjoy the outdoors in a variety of pursuits. From vigorous mountain biking to hiking among the 131 different trails and also trail running, to relaxing in the lodge or just paddling around in a paddle boat. Other activities include golfing, fishing, taking a hot air balloon ride, ziplining, mountain tours, and rock climbing.

Still more awaits, such as dog sledding, canoeing, camping, backpacking, horseback riding, paragliding, hanggliding, hunting, motorcycle touring, water skiing, and wildlife encounters.


The summers are warm and delightful and the winters are simply invigorating. Spring and fall must be experienced to believe and every season has its distinct personality. For those who love fresh, solid snow, the winter months provide great opportunities to take to the slopes. Summer is likewise full of adventure, with many things to experience as daytime highs reach into the low to mid seventies and overnight lows falling to the high thirties.

The Mountains of Keystone

In Keystone, there are three mountains to enjoy all year round: Dercum Mountain, North Peak, and The Outback. However, nearby there are more choices for those looking for new challenges, like the Gunnison National Forest, Canyon lands National Park, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Boulder.

With so much to offer, Keystone is a find unto itself and is the ideal place to call home year-round or have a vacation home to retreat to whenever it’s time to relax and unwind.

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