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Summer Events 2022

Summer Events You Won't Want To Miss in Summit & Park County

Boys Scouts at Fourth of July Parade in Breckenridge


Tree-o musician playing in a tree at Breckenridge


Close-up of beef brisket and pulled pork served in a cardboard dish.


25th Annual Keystone Bluegrass & Beer Festival: August 6 & 7, 2022, 1PM-5PM


Dillon Farmers Market to open Friday; summer concerts at amphitheater canceled | SummitDaily.com


band playing at First Friday



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    Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events

    Here are the events planned around the county this winter that you won't want to miss!







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      5 Things To Be Grateful for in Summit County


      1. The people – Locals, second homeowners, business owners, athletes, families and outdoor enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes comprise the population of Summit County on any given day. They bring the towns to life with their love for the mountains, welcoming smiles and service to our community to delight everyone who crosses their path. I have never felt more connected to my community than I do here in Summit.
      2. The mountains – Need I say more? Whether simply taking in the views of our awe-inspiring terrain or experiencing them firsthand with a myriad of activities, we are blessed with a stunning mountainous backdrop for our everyday enjoyment.
      3. The opportunities – We are fortunate to have a real estate market where investing in real estate has never been more fun. With our typical double-digit appreciation rates, we get to invest in property, watch our money grow while ALSO enjoying our assets for personal use!
      4. The activities – As a summit county local, my biggest problem is always the best problem to have, which activity(s) will I do today? With so many great adventures to be had right out our backdoor, it seems I’m still discovering new activities each year and am so lucky to enjoy them on a daily basis.
      5. The fun – I think this might be the culmination of #’s 1-4, but it is worth pointing out, that when the people in the mountains get together there is never a shortage of fun. The best part of living in Summit County are all of the memories I’ve made with friends and family over the years, where we all prioritize one thing: having fun.


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        Upcoming Events

        Ullr Fest

        Upcoming Events

        Here are the events planned around the county this winter that you won't want to miss!







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          The Latest on Short Term Rental Legislation in Summit County

          Colorado Craft Brokers have been carefully following and fighting for homeowners' rights in the current Short Term Rental limitation discussions that have been taking place across the county. Below is a collection of the latest information as of 9/24/21. We will strive to keep all of our clients informed and fight for your best interest as topics and ideas continue to unfold in our local governments.

          *Please note - things are changing quickly, so always ask us for the latest update*

          Dillon: Council has decided not to move forward with a moratorium and will focus the next 4-6 council meetings on finding affordable housing solutions. 

          Frisco: Nothing has been decided but are researching options. Keep in mind the Citizen initiative to put a vote on the ballot this fall to limit STR’s is still out there. That initiative has a few more days to gather the required signatures.

          Silverthorne: Just watching and listening at this time. No action is planned as of right now.

          Blue River: Will have a conversation but most likely will not take action to limit STR’s.

          Town of Breckenridge:

          First reading of the draft ordinance was approved 9/15/21. The second reading and final vote is Tuesday, September 28th.

          • The town approved a cap of 2200 permits. There are currently 2495 and over 300 additional were applied for in the past two weeks.
          • Council reasoning: degradation of community character, although affordable housing and limiting tourism have both been mentioned by Council members.)
          • The ordinance does not apply to units/complexes with front desks, security systems, and a central phone system.
          • Permits will be reduced through attrition as properties are sold or owners permits expire. New permits will be issued through a wait list system. 
          • A temporary six-month STR permit will be issued to new property owners to allow them the ability to honor reservations that existed on the date the property transferred and the permit was lost. Details will be established in the administrative regulations.
          • The effective date will be 35 days from the second reading and final ratification of the ordinance.

          Summit County:

          The County passed an emergency ordinance to put a twelve-week (90-day) moratorium on new short- term rental license applications. The purpose of the moratorium is to allow staff time to get caught up on processing permit applications.

          • The moratorium goes into effect Friday, September 17th at 11:59 PM.
          • Properties in Keystone, Copper Mountain, and in the 4 o’clock Subdivision and Skiwatch in Breckenridge are exempt from this moratorium and may continue to apply for permits as normal.
          • Property owners can apply for permits throughout the regular process through Friday. 
          • Properties under contract should submit a letter as we outlined last week with the new permit application through Friday by submitting it to str@summitcountyco.gov
          • During the moratorium, properties under contract and properties that are under construction may apply for a special exception prior to applying for the permit.

          ·         During the moratorium, the County plans empirical data research and will work to find creative incentives for property owners to convert their properties to long-term rentals in “locals zones”. These zones include:

            *   Dillon Valley

           *   French Creek

            *   Woodmoor

            *   Wildernest

            *   Frisco Terrace/Evergreen

            *   Lake View Meadows

            *   Mesa Cortina

            *   Summit Cove

            *   Alpine Breck

            *   Quandary Village

            *   Peak 7


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            Upcoming Events

            Upcoming Events

            As we transition between Summer, to Fall, to Winter, the event calendars are starting to fill up. Here are some of the events planned around the county so far that you won't want to miss!







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              Summit County Events in September 2021

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              Arts at Altitude Art Show

              September 10-11th

              The art show will take place at the Frisco Historic Park and on Main Street Frisco in front of the Historic Park (between 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue) on Friday, September 10 and Saturday, September 11. The show will feature primarily Colorado artists with many local Summit County artists and will feature jewelry, pottery, paintings, photography, and other fine arts. There will be live acoustic music in the Historic Park Gazebo on Friday and Saturday. Learn more here.


              Breckenridge Wine Classic

              September 16-19th

              The Classic’s Grand Tasting features an impressive selection of hundreds of domestic and international wines, plus premium craft beer and spirits. in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado prepare for a unique sensory immersion. Buy tickets here.

              2021 Grand Tasting Sessions:

              ·       Friday, Sept. 17, 1:30pm

              ·       Friday, Sept. 17, 5:00pm

              ·       Saturday, Sept. 18, 1:30pm

              ·       Saturday, Sept. 18 5:00pm


              Breckenridge Film Festival

              September 16-19th

              Come celebrate its 40th Anniversary at the Fall Film Festival this year. Film-lovers gather for unprecedented access to independent films, special screenings and premieres exclusive to Breckenridge - and the film-makers behind them! Buy tickets here.



              September 24-26th

              Mimicking a full-blown Munich celebration with live music The Polkanauts, enough fall-themed beer and cuisine to put anyone in the “Prost!” spirit, and fall colors providing the ultimate backdrop. Buy tickets here.


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                Locals' Favorites: Fall Foliage Hikes, Bikes and Drives


                Fall is one of my favorite times of year in Summit County. The aspens turn a stunning golden color and light up all of the trails and streets. And, we are often blessed with an “indian summer” where we can enjoy sunshine filled days and outdoor summer activities well into October. Yes, we might see our first snowfall mid-September, but typically it comes and goes and we keep playing. If it doesn’t, we just break out the skis and snowboards early! Here are a few of my favorite hikes, bike rides and scenic drives not to miss in Summit County this fall:


                Trails/Roads for fall foliage:

                • Aspen Alley

                  • Skill Level: Intermediate

                  • Distance: 1.3 miles one way or 2.6 round trip

                  • Elevation gain: 519’

                  • Terrain: Single Track

                  • Accessible for: Hiking, Mountain Biking


                • Frisco Peninsula Lakeshore Loop

                  • Skill Level: Intermediate

                  • Distance: 6.1 miles

                  • Elevation gain: 217’

                  • Terrain: 95% Single Track

                  • Accessible for: Hiking, Mountain Biking


                • Boreas Pass Road & Optional Baker’s Tank Single Track

                  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate if you take the single track back

                  • Distance: 6 miles

                  • Elevation gain 617’

                  • Terrain: 0-50% single track - you can walk, ride or drive out and back on the road or ride/walk out on the road and then take the single track back

                  • Accessible for: Hiking, Mountain Biking or Driving (stay on road please)


                • Lily Pad Lake Trail

                  • Skill Level: Beginner

                  • Distance: 3.3 miles

                  • Elevation Gain: 396’

                  • Accessible for: Hiking


                Remember, our fall weather will change quickly so always be prepared with plenty of layers, a rain jacket and sunscreen. As always, if you have any questions on any trails or need a hiking or biking buddy, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


                Happy Trails!


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                  Summit County Events in August

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                  Looking for things to do during your stay in Summit County throughout the month of August? Check out some awesome events below! 

                  Breckenridge Music Festival

                  Every summer mid-July through mid-August, the Festival features a resident ensemble of 45 professional musicians led by Artistic Director & conductor Steven Schick. Performances range from traditional to contemporary classical and includes multidisciplinary arts collaborations with local and regional arts organizations. Intimate chamber music experiences are also presented in private homes and public locations throughout Summit County. 

                  Check out some of the events below: 

                  • 08/05 - Festival Opening Night: Awakening
                  • 08/07 - First Light
                  • 08/10 - Tiny Porch Series
                  • 08/11 - Tiny Porch Series
                  • 08/12 - Tiny Porch Series
                  • 08/12 - The Play of Light and Shadow
                  • 08/14 - Nightfall

                  In addition Join Breckenridge Music Festival every morning at 8am on the Riverwalk lawn for outdoor yoga, music, nature and wellness. Read more here about all the events taking place. 

                  Keystone’s Bluegrass & Beer Festival

                  When: August 7-8th

                  Where: Keystone, CO

                  Keystone brings back their 24th year of string bands, craft beer pours, mountain merch and melt-in-your-mouth morsels. Come join the fun with Free live music all weekend long from The People’s Key, The Pine Beatles, Local Fold, Tara Rose and the REal Deal, Many Mountains and More! Check out the schedule and buy tickets here


                  Run in the Rockies Trail 10K & Half Marathon

                  When: August 14th

                  Where: Frisco Adventure Park 

                  Come run along the Frisco Peninsula trails with breathtaking views of Lake Dillon and the Ten Mile Range for a 10K or half marathon. This is a great course for first time runners that offers single track and dirt road trails. Learn more and register here!


                  SmashFest Golf Tournament: Hosted by 10 Barrel Brewing CO

                  When: August 28th

                  Where: Copper Creek

                  Come enjoy a day of drinking beer outside and playing golf. Hosted at America’s highest golf course, Copper Creek. The tournament registration includes two 9 hole rounds with cart, refreshing beer, lunch and awesome 10 Barrel swag, prizes and more. Learn more here



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                    Be Prepared for Colorado Wildfire Season

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                    There’s no denying Colorado summers are breathtakingly beautiful. From outdoor activities, to wandering around Mountain communities, Colorado’s dry climate and warm temperatures attract thousands of visitors every year. Although this makes for the perfect atmosphere to explore our state, it also makes our environment susceptible to wildfires. Whether you are a resident or visitor, it is extremely important to be aware of fire conditions across the state. 

                    The Colorado Division of Emergency Management is your resource for up to date information on location and status of fires in Colorado. You can find out current fire restrictions by county here. As we navigate through wildfire season in Colorado, we want to make sure all Colorado residents and visitors have the resources and knowledge they need to be proactive, aware and safe. 


                    Below are Tips and Resources from the US Forest Service for Colorado Residents and Travelers to Help Prevent Wildfires: 

                    1. Use an existing fire ring, don't create a new one. When not in a designated campground, build your fire within a ring of rocks.

                    2. Clear all vegetation away from the fire ring (remove all flammable materials such as needles, leaves, sticks, etc.)

                    3. Select an open level spot away from trees, logs, stumps, overhanging branches, dense dry grass, and forest litter.

                    4. Keep your campfire small.

                    5. Keep plenty of water and a shovel nearby for throwing dirt on the fire if it gets out of control.

                    6. Never leave a campfire unattended! Even a small breeze could quickly cause the fire to spread. Make sure a responsible adult is always in attendance.


                    Extinguish Your Campfire Properly by Following These Steps From the US Forest Service: 

                    1. First, drown the campfire with water!

                    2. Next, mix the ashes and embers with soil. Scrape all partially-burned sticks and logs to make sure all the hot embers are off them.

                    3. Stir the embers after they are covered with water and make sure that everything is wet.

                    4. Feel the coals, embers, and any partially-burned wood with your hands. Everything (including the rock fire ring) should be cool to the touch. Feel under the rocks to make sure no embers underneath.

                    5. When you think you are done, take an extra minute and add more water.

                    6. Finally, check the entire campsite for possible sparks or embers, because it only takes one to start a forest fire.

                    7. Remember…if it is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave.


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