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5 Things To Be Grateful for in Summit County


  1. The people – Locals, second homeowners, business owners, athletes, families and outdoor enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes comprise the population of Summit County on any given day. They bring the towns to life with their love for the mountains, welcoming smiles and service to our community to delight everyone who crosses their path. I have never felt more connected to my community than I do here in Summit.
  2. The mountains – Need I say more? Whether simply taking in the views of our awe-inspiring terrain or experiencing them firsthand with a myriad of activities, we are blessed with a stunning mountainous backdrop for our everyday enjoyment.
  3. The opportunities – We are fortunate to have a real estate market where investing in real estate has never been more fun. With our typical double-digit appreciation rates, we get to invest in property, watch our money grow while ALSO enjoying our assets for personal use!
  4. The activities – As a summit county local, my biggest problem is always the best problem to have, which activity(s) will I do today? With so many great adventures to be had right out our backdoor, it seems I’m still discovering new activities each year and am so lucky to enjoy them on a daily basis.
  5. The fun – I think this might be the culmination of #’s 1-4, but it is worth pointing out, that when the people in the mountains get together there is never a shortage of fun. The best part of living in Summit County are all of the memories I’ve made with friends and family over the years, where we all prioritize one thing: having fun.

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